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What is The Baldwin RM-10 Wastewater Treatment System?

The Baldwin RM-10 is used for the disinfection and chemical treatment of wastewater

Wastewater Treatment Chemical

Wastewater treatment chemicals are vital in the chemical treatment of wastewater, essential for eliminating many toxic pollutants. This treatment encompasses various chemical processes using coagulants, flocculants, and disinfectants like chlorine and ozone.

The goal is to treat sewage and wastewater, converting waste into effluent that can be returned to the water cycle with minimal environmental impact.

Chemical disinfection, for instance, is used for disinfection to ensure water safety. Moreover, the sodium ions exchange method is often applied to soften hard water by removing calcium and magnesium.

Chemical wastewater treatment is a component of wastewater treatments, including primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment stages.

. This wastewater treatment system is a unique, one-step process for wastewater that is difficult to treat. As an OSU (Oil Separation Unit) for Compressor Stations it is highly efficient and effective in treating wastewater.


The Baldwin RM-10 includes bentonite clay-based chemicals which remove oils, greases, suspended solids, heavy metals, and surfactants, while permanently enclosing all contaminants in a readily disposable dry sludge.


What is an oil separator unit (OSU)?

An oil separator unit or OSU is a mechanism that is utilised in the process of treating wastewater. As per its name, the OSU eliminates oils and waste from the water, making it safe to dispose of.


What types of wastewater processes has the Baldwin RM-10 been used to treat?

For over twenty years in Australia, the Baldwin RM-10 has been used to treat wastewater from processes such as paint wash water, compressor wastewater, mining workshops, mining wash bays, metal component manufacturing, food processing, and many other industrial waste streams.

The bentonite clay-based chemical removes oils and greases, suspended solids, heavy metals

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals, a chemical category on the periodic table, include elements such as lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), and cadmium (Cd). Often found in food, soil, and industrial waste, these metals can be toxic in humans, especially when involved in chemical processing or released as many toxic pollutants during sewage treatment. Some biological processes use are sedimentation, bioremediation, and adsorption.


Sedimentation is a key unit process in wastewater treatment, often used to remove heavy metals and solids by gravitational forces.


Bioremediation is a wastewater treatment process used for the removal of heavy metals and many toxic pollutants.

, and surfactants while permanently encapsulating these contaminants in a readily disposable dry sludge, making this an effective chemical treatment of wastewater.


Which industries use the Baldwin RM-10 system for chemical treatment of wastewater?

The Baldwin RM-10 system is used for the chemical treatment of wastewater in these industries:



mining workshops



Food Processing

What Are The Capabilities of a Baldwin OSU?

A Baldwin OSU can provide twenty-four hours of wastewater treatment if required. For maximum efficiency, It is also PLC controlled and requires minimal involvement from an operator. To provide results that are in line with your company’s requirements, each Baldwin OSU unit is customised to meet all application requirements, with certain custom units treating up to twelve thousand litres per hour. It’s all part of our aim to provide specialised solutions to deal with every company’s diverse needs.

FLOW RATE CAPACITY upto 12000 litres/hour

What Equipment is Available with a Baldwin RM-10 Treatment System?

For getting the most out of your Baldwin RM-10 system for the chemical treatment of wastewater, the following equipment and options are available:

  • Coalescing Plate Separators 
  • Control panel options – from Form 1 to Form 3B MCC
  • Filtration Skids
  • Skid-mounted oil skimmers, decanters with integrated 5,000 litre waste oil tank
  • Dirty water Collection tanks
  • Collection tank agitators/mixers
  • Mixer stands
  • Pre-treatment pH adjustment systems
  • Feed and filtrate pumps
  • Post-treatment pH monitoring and adjustment
  • Conductivity monitoring
  • Skid mounting

For more information on Baldwin’s RM-10 specialty system for the chemical treatment of wastewater call us at 02 4954 0440.

What are the advantages of the Speciality chemical treatment with RM-10/OSU

Baldwin’s RM-10 OSU is a step above the rest as it provides both simplicity and efficiency when it comes to the cleaning and disposal of wastewater. Below are further reasons it is a fantastic addition to your company’s wastewater disposal process:

  • Safe & Simple

The Baldwin RM-10 minimises chemical handling and the need for storage facilities, as only one non-toxic chemical is required, compared to three or more using conventional wastewater treatments.


  • Sludge Disposal

The Baldwin RM-10’s micro-encapsulation process in most cases creates a sludge that is non-leachable and can be disposed of directly at a non-hazardous landfill. Sludge volumes are minimised as the clay base retains no chemically held water.


  • Efficient and economical treatment

The Baldwin RM-10’s versatility and efficiency are directly shown by its treatment rates, which range from 1000 litres per hour up to 10,000 litres per hour, and can continually treat without operator attention 24 hours a day.

How do I know if a Speciality treatment with RM-10 Oil Separation Unit is right for my operation?

This is dependent on a number of variables, including budget, location, flow rates, and the composition of wastewater. Get in touch with us at (02) 4954 0440 and we will advise you on the best system for your operation.

Do you provide Specialty treatment with RM-10 Oil Separation Unit installation?

Baldwin fabricates Specialty treatment with our RM-10 Oil Separation Units that are ready to transport to your operations site for ease of installation and integration into a wider treatment system. Get in touch with us at (02) 4954 0440 to confirm whether we can supply installation in your area.

What is the flow rate of Baldwin’s RM-10 oil separation units with speciality chemical treatments?

Flow rates of standard units vary from 1,000 litres per hour up to 6,000 litres per hour. Our custom-designed oil separation unit systems have been installed with the ability to treat up to 12,000 litres per hour.

What are Oil Water Separators?

Oil water separators remove grease and oils from water, allowing it to be disposed of without harming the environment. They are available in multiple types of variants, with different sizes and specifications, for both industrial plus commercial use. They can also be used to treat different types of oil including dissolved, emulsified, and free-floating oil.

When do you need an oil water separator?

If your company produces wastewater, it is essential that it has the right tools to ensure safe disposal that does not harm the environment or violate laws. To ensure your company does not face significant fines or is responsible for harm to the environment, an oil-water separator will be an essential tool if it produces and disposes of wastewater.