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Oil Water Separators

Simple and efficient units for oil and water separation and for capturing contaminants

Dissolved Air Flotation

Popular units used for the separation of liquids from solids – an integral part of water treatment

Speciality Chemical Treatment of Wastewater with RM-10/OSU

One step process for difficult to treat wastewater using a bentonite clay based chemical

Industrial Wastewater Treatment: Clarifiers

Stainless steel clarifiers used for settling solids out of a wastewater stream

Belt & Tube Oil Skimmers

Cost-effective skimmers that skim over the surface of water to remove oil and debris

floating oil skimmer
Floating Oil Skimmers & Decanters

Innovative products that feature a 360º skimming action to separate oil and water

Industrial Waste Water Separators: Filtration & Polishing Media
Filtration & Polishing Media

Complete filtration and polishing units, stand-alone and skid mounted components

Industrial Wastewater: pH & Dosing Systems
pH & Dosing Systems

Widely used systems that alter the pH and add chemicals to pre-conditioned water for subsequent treatment

Custom Fabrication available
Custom Fabrication

We can customise an appropriate wastewater treatment based on your needs

waste water pump

High quality pump units and accessories to suit your motor style

Industrial Wastewater Treatment: Control Panels
Control Panels

Control process systems and wastewater treatment products in one place

Process & Pressure Systems

Convenient and highly effective pre-assembled process and pressure systems

Here at Baldwin, we are experts when it comes to industrial and chemical treatment of wastewater. We design, manufacture, supply and install industrial wastewater treatment products and wastewater recycling systems for various industries. If you would like more information about our products, please give us a call on (02) 4954 0440.