Industrial Water Treatment Products

Baldwin Industrial Systems specialise in the design, manufacture, installation and service of industrial water treatment systems and process equipment.

We offer a range of industrial water treatment products including:


  • Oil Water Separators

    Oil Water Separators

    Oil water separators are designed to be simple yet efficient tools which separate and capture oil from wastewater....

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  • Dissolved Air Flotation

    Dissolved Air Flotation

    Skid mounted DAF units available in all sizes, with any options that are required to treat your wastewater....

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  • Speciality Chemical Treatment RM-10

    Speciality Chemical Treatment RM-10

    A one step process for difficult to treat industrial wastewater. Equipment is PLC controlled, stainless steel fabrication...

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  • Clarifiers


    Baldwin fabricate stainless steel clarifiers that are ready to transport to site for ease of installation...

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  • Belt & Tube Oil Skimmers

    Belt & Tube Oil Skimmers

    Baldwin stock an exclusive range of Abanaki oil skimmers for large or small bodies of water....

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  • Floating Skimmers & Decanters

    Floating Skimmers & Decanters

    Baldwin Skim-Pak Oil Skimmers use a patented flow control weir to determine the depth of cut that is skimmed...

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  • Filtration & Polishing Media

    Filtration & Polishing Media

    Our units incorporate the complete range of filtration and polishing processes and are available as stand-alone units...

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  • pH & Dosing Systems

    pH & Dosing Systems

    pH and other chemical dosing can be designed as part of a larger treatment system or as a stand-alone skid....

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  • Custom Fabrication

    Custom Fabrication

    Baldwin have a 2300m2 workshop with facilities for any custom fabrication in stainless steel, aluminium or mild steel....

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  • Pumps


    Baldwin use and can supply most styles of pumps and regularly integrate them into custom skids and systems....

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  • Control Panels

    Control Panels

    Process and equipment control has been a core component of our business offering for the last 25 years....

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  • Process Systems

    Process Systems

    Modular skid mounted systems, completely pre-assembled allowing factory testing prior to installation on site....

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