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Using the correct pump is an integral part of wastewater treatment. Using the incorrect type of pump for your operation can lead to the wastewater treatment process being inefficient, while your water potentially being unsafe to dispose of. 

We have a wide range when it comes to pumping units and accessories, plus you can be assured that we’ll provide you with the right solutions for your operation.


What Baldwin Offers

At Baldwin the wastewater treatment solutions we offer include:

Backed by decades of experience, Baldwin continues to develop innovative solutions to wastewater management, allowing companies to efficiently and safely dispose of wastewater.


The Baldwin Difference

Our years in the industry have shown us the consequences of choosing the wrong equipment for an operation, namely pumps. From poor performance to wasting time and money, it’s vital that you have the right equipment for the right job.

At Baldwin, our goal is to provide our clients with specialised equipment and results. We’ll thoroughly advise and assist you in the selection of equipment that’s suited to your objectives because our business is making yours more efficient than ever!


Baldwin’s Pump Range


What types of wastewater pumps do Baldwin stock?


Baldwin’s range of wastewater treatment pumps includes air diaphragm, progressive cavity, and centrifugal operation pumps. They provide high flow rates and many companies rely on them when transferring water to wastewater treatment systems involving chemical water treatment.

Positive displacement diaphragm and progressive cavity pumps minimise any potential oil in water emulsification that may occur during the pumping process, making them ideal for use with oily water transfers to coalescing plate separators, or between sumps where a tube oil skimmer may be used. This is not only cost-effective, but it also increases your productivity rates.


What are Air Diaphragm pumps?

Diaphragm pumps, as per the name use membranes for shifting and moving fluids. With two chambers, fluids are removed and since it includes two membranes, both are used to eject fluids which results in a constant stream.


What are progressive cavity pumps?

A progressive cavity pump allows liquids to be brought into chambers made of helical rotors and stators. As they advance through the pumps, they exit the cavity pump out of the discharge port.


What are centrifugal operation pumps?

A centrifugal pump is another type of wastewater pump system that utilises impellers to move liquids as they enter them while removing them from the system via rotational energy.

Baldwin Industrial Systems are the leading stockists of some of the most up-to-date and highly sought-after pump styles available. For more information on our product range or a professional recommendation regarding your site application – please call our team today at 02 4954 0440.

What types of pump do you recommend for a wastewater treatment system?

Depending on the system, we can supply air diaphragm, progressive cavity and centrifugal operation pumps. Contact us and we can advise on the best pump for you.

What are the advantages of ordering pumps for wastewater treatment systems from Baldwin?

While many companies no doubt stock wastewater pumps, Baldwin’s products have been developed from decades of experience and a continued aim to make the wastewater treatment process more efficient for today’s companies. Get in touch with us at (02) 4954 0440 and we will recommend the best system for you.

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