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Since our inception in 1988, Baldwin Industrial Systems have been developing innovative solutions for wastewater management, treatment and disposal, including Dissolved Air Flotation Units.

Thanks to our dedicated team of industry experts, our coalescing plate separator products are synonymous with quality and high productivity rates. We will custom design, manufacture, install and service your choice of wastewater system efficiently, to minimise delays in productivity and ensure best quality outcomes.

Whether you require CSG field skids, coalescing oil water separator plates, pressure vessels, oil skimmers, chemical processes, pressure pipe spools, dissolved air flotation or filtration media – we are your number one choice for the job.

The Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) process used to separate liquids from solids is an integral component of any water treatment process.


dissolved air flotation unit in food processing plants

Food Processing

dissolved air flotation in mining


wastewater management with dissolved air flotation in manufacturing plants


use of dissolved air flotation in wastewater management







Baldwin DAF Units have been successfully used in various sites, including:

  • food processing plants
  • mine site wash bays
  • oily water treatment plants
  • garment manufacturing factories
  • municipal rubbish and recycling plants.

Our Dissolved Air Flotation units are popular industry-wide due to the benefits associated with our brand name and product range.

Reasons customers opt for Baldwin DAF units include:

  • They offer cost-effective methods for wastewater treatment
  • Are easy to operate with an on-skid control panel
  • Have high separation and sludge thickening efficiency
  • Provide a wide range of solid removal options including oil, grease and algae
  • Reduced energy and chemical consumption

At Baldwin Industry Systems, we supply Dissolved Air Flotation units as both rectangular and circular tanks with flow rates available up to 100,000 litres per hour.

flow rate capacity of dissolved air flotation

DAF accessories are also available to complement the Baldwin Dissolved Air Flotation System and include:

  • Coalescing plate separators
  • Preparation tank skid – coagulation and/or pH adjustment
  • Flocculation tanks and tubes (stainless steel or pressure PVC)
  • Dosing packages (polymer, coagulant)
  • Air compressors
  • DAF feed and filtrate pumps and sludge pumps
  • Pre-treatment / post-treatment pH control systems
  • Post-treatment filtration systems and monitoring equipment

All our DAF systems are fabricated and assembled at the Baldwin workshop and will arrive at your designated site ready to be put into action as quickly as possible.

DAF systems can be used in conjunction with existing DAF chemicals sourced from external providers.

For more information on Dissolved Air Flotation Systems, DAF accessories or chemicals, call us today on 02 4954 0440.


Dissolved Air Flotation FAQs

What flow rate capacity will I get from your dissolved air flotation unit?
Baldwin dissolved air flotation units are available with flow rates up to 100,000 litres per hour. Contact us to discuss your project requirements
What are the benefits of a DAF wastewater unit?
Our dissolved air flotation units are cost-effective, simple to operate, they are very efficient and can remove a range of different solids including oil, grease and algae.


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