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Since 1988, Baldwin Industrial Systems have been at the forefront of developing innovative solutions for wastewater management, treatment, and disposal. This also includes dissolved air flotation and filtration systems.

Backed by decades of experience and a dedicated team of industry experts, many companies have come to rely on our coalescing plate separator products, which are synonymous with quality and high productivity rates.

We believe in providing specialised solutions for companies, which is why we’ll custom design, manufacture, install and service your choice of wastewater system efficiently, in order to minimise downtime and maximise efficiency.

Whether you require chemical processes such as our RM-10 chemical treatment or PH dosing systems, CSG field skids, coalescing oil water separator plates, pressure vessels, oil skimmers, pressure pipe spools, water clarifiers, dissolved air flotation or filtration media, at Baldwin we aspire to be your one-stop for all wastewater treatment solutions.

As part of our commitment to providing the best wastewater treatment solutions, we offer efficient and high-quality dissolved air flotation (DAF) process units that are used to separate liquids from solids, which is an integral component of any water treatment process.

What does the dissolved air flotation process Involve?

The dissolved air flotation process involves the removal of waste from water by utilising air bubble flotation, which is broken down into the water and allows all waste particles to rise up to the surface. All floating waste is then taken out of the water using the scraper mechanism in the dissolved air flotation device.


Why is dissolved air flotation important for your company?

Dissolved air flotation and filtration systems are important for your company due to being a superior method of treating wastewater that provides more efficiency when compared to other methods. It overall produces better quality water while simplifying the wastewater treatment process for your company.


What are the advantages of dissolved air flotation?

Dissolved air flotation brings various advantages when it comes to treating wastewater, which include increased efficiency in the removal of algae, less effluent turbidity, and a short startup time while being resistant to high/low temperatures.


What is the difference between dissolved air floatation & Sedimentation?

The main difference between dissolved air flotation and sedimentation is that the DAF process allows waste to rise to the surface of the water for removal, whereas sedimentation involves removing waste solids that have sunk to the bottom.


Is dissolved air flotation better than sedimentation?

While both DAF treatment processes and sedimentation have valuable uses, the main advantage that DAF separators bring is that they produce water of a higher quality while not being affected significantly by high temperatures. In general, dissolved air flotation is regarded as a superior wastewater treatment solution.

Which industries utilise Baldwin’s DAF units?

The following Industries use Baldwin DAF units for wastewater treatment:


Food Processing

mining workshops






Where have Baldwin DAF units been used?

Baldwin DAF separators have been successfully used on various sites, including:

  • Food processing plants
  • Mine site wash bays
  • Oily water treatment plants
  • Garment manufacturing factories
  • Municipal rubbish and recycling plants.

Many industries have come to rely on our DAF systems for wastewater treatment, knowing they are backed by decades of experience and results.


Why do customers choose Baldwin DAF units?

Reasons customers opt for Baldwin DAF units include:

  • They offer cost-effective methods for wastewater treatment
  • Are easy to operate with an on-skid control panel
  • Have high separation and sludge thickening efficiency
  • Provide a wide range of solid removal options including oil, grease, and algae
  • Reduced energy and chemical consumption

At Baldwin Industrial Systems, we understand your company’s diverse needs, which is why we supply dissolved air flotation units with both rectangular and circular tanks, with flow rates that can go up to 100,000 litres per hour. For an effective DAF wastewater treatment system, look no further than our range.


What accessories are available with Baldwin’s dissolved air flotation system units?

For getting the most out of Baldwin’s dissolved air flotation systems, DAF accessories are also available and include:

  • Coalescing plate separators
  • Preparation tank skid – coagulation and/or pH adjustment
  • Flocculation tanks and tubes (stainless steel or pressure PVC)
  • Dosing packages (polymer, coagulant)
  • Air compressors
  • DAF feed and filtrate pumps and sludge pumps
  • Pre-treatment / post-treatment pH control systems
  • Post-treatment filtration systems and monitoring equipment

All of Baldwin’s DAF systems are fabricated and assembled at our workshop while being delivered to your site ready to be used with no further actions required. They can also be used alongside DAF chemicals from external providers.

For more information on dissolved air flotation Systems, DAF accessories, or chemicals, call us today at 02 4954 0440.

What does dissolved air flotation remove?

Dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems can help to remove solids like oil, grease, and algae from wastewater.

What is a dissolved air flotation system?

A dissolved air flotation system is a unit used for wastewater treatment that separates liquids from solids via the use of air bubble flotation.

Why is a dissolved air flotation system important?

Dissolved air flotation is an important part of any water treatment process as it clears wastewater from processing plants, mine site wash bays, manufacturing plants, recycling plants, and more.

What is dissolved air flotation used for?

Dissolved air flotation (DAF) is a very important part of any water treatment process as it’s used to separate liquids from solids. Examples of where this process is used include food processing plants, mine site wash bays, manufacturing plants, recycling plants, and more.

What are some of the advantages of dissolved air flotation systems?

Baldwin’s DAF systems offer great cost-effective methods for wastewater treatment and are very effective when it comes to removing difficult-to-remove solids like oil, grease, and algae.

Does Baldwin assemble dissolved air flotation systems?

Yes, we fabricate and assemble DAF systems right here in our very own workshop. Once they’re assembled, your DAF system will arrive at your designated site.

Can chemicals from external providers be used with DAF systems from Baldwin?

Yes! Our DAF systems can be used in conjunction with existing DAF chemicals sourced from external providers.

Why is dissolved air filtration a superior wastewater treatment?

DAF treatments are regarded as superior to other methods due to their increased efficiency which produces better-quality water while being resistant to high/low temperatures.

What advantages does DAF have over other treatment methods?

The advantages of dissolved air filtration include increased efficiency in the removal of algae, less effluent turbidity, and a shorter startup time compared to other methods.