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Wastewater Treatment and Management at Baldwin Industrial Systems

Baldwin Industrial Systems are a privately owned Australian company who specialise in the design, manufacture, installation and service of wastewater treatment systems. Baldwin has over 25 years experience of developing technologically sophisticated solutions for wastewater management and disposal, servicing clients from a range of industries with varying needs. Since we were established in 1988, we have designed and supplied over 4000 wastewater systems.

Baldwin work with businesses of all sizes – small or large, independent or international – we have established a name for designing and supplying products that use high-quality materials and utilise the latest technology making them practical for a range of applications. It’s no surprise that we have been able to establish a large client base in a variety of industries.

Our water treatment systems have been used in a range of different ways within various industries, including:

  • massive refinery upgrades
  • small packaged separators in service stations and workshops
  • heavy vehicle wash bays at mine sites
  • coolant recycling and disposal in steel mills
  • in plating shops and cosmetic factories
  • stormwater management in power stations
  • construction site runoffs

We offer a huge range of industrial wastewater treatment services, including our RM-10 Chemical Treatment System, water clarifiers, PH Dosing Systems, Dissolved Air Flotation systems and tube oil skimmers to name a few.

In addition to this, we offer custom fabrication, industrial wastewater treatment services and maintenance as well.

We go the extra mile to provide the exact service to meet your site or target application requirements, including site evaluations, laboratory scale test kits, full-scale trial units and feasibility studies. We ensure the product is perfect for your needs and can offer performance testing before purchase.

At Baldwin we value our clients and take pride in making long-term relationships by providing only the best customer service and support. No matter the size of the project we will ensure you receive the full commitment of the company’s experienced team.

Baldwin maintain the highest standards in producing our systems, and all our systems are ISO 9001 accredited.

WasteWater Equipment Distribution Network

>  Australia

  • NSW: Hydramet 02 4350 8200
  • Victoria: Hydramet 03 9325 3900
  • South Australia: Hydramet 08 8374 7800
  • Western Australia: Hydramet 08 9412 6100
  • Northern Territory: Express Plumbing 0409 099 610


>  Associates

  • Amcol – Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • SkimPak – San Francisco, California, USA