In the wake of depleting natural resources, particularly when it comes to the Earth’s water supply, the need for superior industrial wastewater treatment practices that ensure adequate water is available for public use has never been so important.


Ponds, Lakes and Dams



Baldwin Industrial Systems have been designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing industrial wastewater treatment systems and water separator products for decades.

Our dedicated team of industry experts have successfully developed innovative ways to address the industrial wastewater management needs of our clients.

No matter what your water separator needs are – we will find a solution to suit you.

Water filtration systems are commonly attached to lakes and ponds, and serve the purpose of removing solid waste, sediments, pollutants and biochemical particles from wastewater.

The filtration process can target large or small particles, with options such as coarse filter screens, sieve bend screens, low-pressure media and high-pressure multimedia filtration. However, it shouldn’t end there.

A further necessary step in industrial wastewater treatment known as ‘polishing’ is required for optimal results. Polishing aims to remove fine suspended solids and trace amounts of chemicals that haven’t been eliminated in the earlier stages of water filtration.

Our units incorporate the complete range of filtration and polishing and are available as stand-alone units, or skid mounted components attached to industrial wastewater treatment systems.

We also offer additional polishing options including hydrocarbon specific media, activated carbon and multimedia filter housings.

The benefits of choosing a Baldwin Water Filtration System are numerous. Some key advantages include:

  • Custom fabricated to suit your needs with industry-specific filtration media and cartridges
  • Cost-effective, low maintenance systems (consisting of a combined filtration and polishing water filtration system)
  • Durable system structure composed of high-quality materials
  • Versatile filtration levels to suit your desired target particle (coarse or fine)
  • Adheres to strict water guidelines (with the polishing process being highly practical for industrial wastewater treatment systems)

It is reasons such as these that have made Baldwin water filtration systems a popular choice across many industries. Our water filtration systems have been successfully utilised in a variety of settings, including the treatment of industrial wastewater in:

  • water plants
  • mining and processing sites
  • petroleum and petrochemical refineries
  • manufacturing warehouses.

For superior results when it comes to wastewater management, get in touch with Baldwin Industrial Systems.

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What are the benefits of a filtration and polishing media system?

As well as being cost-effective, the system meets strict water guidelines, is versatile and also requires little maintenance.

Can I use a filtration unit on it’s own?

Yes, our filtration units can be used as stand-alone units, or attached to industrial wastewater treatment systems. Contact us for more details.