Water Filtration Systems & Polishing Media

Water filtration systems are utilised to remove solids, sediments, pollutants and biochemical particles from wastewater. The filtration process can target large or small particles, with options such as coarse filter screens, sieve bend screens, low-pressure media and high-pressure multimedia filtration, depending on the client’s needs.

Purifying water can go beyond filtration screens, bags and cartridges. A further step in water clarification is polishing, and as the name suggests, it is the last stage of the water filtration process. Polishing aims to remove fine suspended solids and trace amounts of chemicals, not eliminated in the earlier stages of water filtration.

Baldwin’s water filtration systems incorporate the complete range of filtration and polishing and are available as stand-alone units, or skid mounted components attached to wastewater treatment systems.

We also offer additional polishing options including hydrocarbon specific media, activated carbon and multimedia filter housings.

Water filtration systems are practical for treating industrial wastewater in water and sewage plants, mining and processing sites, petroleum and petrochemical refineries and manufacturing warehouses, as well as attached to lakes and ponds to remove solid waste and biochemicals.

Benefits of Filtration & Polishing Media

  • Cost effective, two in one filtration and polishing water filtration system
  • Meet strict water guidelines, with the polishing process being highly practical for wastewater treatment systems
  • Versatile filtration levels will suit your desired target particle – coarse or fine.
  • Low maintenance system
  • High quality materials
  • Customised to suit your needs with industry-specific filtration media and cartridges

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