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oil water separator

Our coalescing plate oil water separator units are designed to be simple yet efficient tools that perform oil and water separation, as well as the capture of other contaminants from wastewater.

An increase in society’s environmental awareness has developed through technological advancement and our evolved social conscience, leading to the use of oil and water separators in a variety of contexts in which grease and suspended solids can be found.

No longer are oil separators limited to industrial uses in mines, petrol stations and treatment plants. Coalescing plate oil water separators are also widely employed in situations such as:


oil water separator on mining workshops

Mining Workshops

oil water separator in petroleum refineries

Petroleum Refineries

oil water separator system in railway workshops

Railway Workshops





oil water separator in power stations

Power Stations

petrol stations oil water separator

Petrol Stations

in-ground oil water separator in mining workshops

Mining Workshops





  • paint manufacturers
  • mining workshops
  • mining wash bays
  • petroleum refineries
  • service stations
  • petroleum depots
  • power stations
  • oil and gas stormwater treatment
  • tank farms
  • bund water treatment
  • railway workshops
  • railway wash bays
  • mechanical workshops


Businesses of all sizes are adopting their use in their effort to contribute to the preservation and sustainability of our planet, by engaging in effective oil and water separation practices.

Baldwin Industrial Systems are among the leading Australian suppliers of premium quality oil water separator units.

Our oil water separators are scalable treatment systems that can be designed for large or small water flow rates, and meet a range of effluent discharge qualities as required.

We offer both above-ground and in-ground oil water separators, as well as custom-made units and accessories to complement our oil water separators, depending on the best solution for your application.

Additional equipment and options can be supplied in conjunction with our oil water separators upon request. These include:

flow rate capacity of oil water separator

Baldwin oil and water separators have numerous advantages which make them the preferred choice across our diverse customer base. No matter the context or size of your application – here are some key reasons why you should choose our oil and water separators:

  • They provide a scientifically proven method for removing and recycling oil cost-effectively
  • They are versatile and customisable (catering to a broad range of water quality limits depending on the application)
  • They are sturdy, reliable and require minimal maintenance


Having decades of experience within the industry, we know that the coalescing plates found within the separator play an important part in oil separation, carrying out the bulk of the oil and water segregation. For this reason it is critical to choose a separator that is based on a scientifically proven performance calculation and a known plate surface area.

We have designed and manufactured the products in our oil water separator range with flow rate capacities ranging from 1,000 litres per hour to over 500,000 litres per hour, based on our proprietary knowledge.

There’s no need to let the separating of oil and water become an even messier job.

Get in touch with the experts in the field – we will always find a solution that suits you.

Contact Baldwin Industrial Systems today to find out more about our product range on 02 4954 0440.


Coalescing Plate Oil Water Separator FAQs

What are the flow rate capacities of your coalescing plate separators?
Baldwin has designed and manufactured oil-water separators with flow rate capacities ranging from 1,000 litres per hour to over 500,000 litres per hour.
Do I need an oil water separator?
Our oil water separator units are used by companies of all sizes, from mechanical workshops and service stations to petrol refineries and power stations. Contact us to discuss your options.


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