Speciality Chemical Treatment RM-10

RM-10 chemical treatment for wastewater treatment

Baldwin RM-10 is a unique, one step process for difficult to treat wastewater.

The bentonite clay based chemical removes oils and greases, suspended solids, heavy metals, surfactants and permanently encapsulates these contaminants in a readily disposable dry sludge.

Over the last 15 years in Australia this technology has been used to treat wastewater from processes that include – paint wash water, compressor waste water, mining workshops, mining wash bays, metal component manufacturing, food processing and many other industrial waste streams.

PLC controlled and requiring minimal operator involvement, a Baldwin RM-10 system will treat 24 hours per day if required. Each unit is customised to meet the specific application requirements. Flow rates of standard units vary from 1,000 litres per hour up to 6,000 litres per hour. Custom designed systems have been installed with the ability to treat up to 12,000 litres per hour.

Equipment and options available with a Baldwin RM-10 treatment system can include:

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