Waste Water Pumps

Pumps are a critical component of the industrial wastewater treatment process. Using an inappropriate type of pump on a wastewater stream, can lead to ineffective treatment or equipment being oversized. We have also seen inappropriate pump selection result in short pump life and poor system performance. To avoid these types of occurrences Baldwin Industrial Systems carefully choose pumps for each application after customer consultation and consideration of the total treatment objective.

Pumps for Oil Water Separators need to be positive displacement, to minimise any mechanical emulsification that occurs with oil in water during pumping. Therefore the correct pumps for oily water transfer to equipment such as Coalescing Plate Separators, or between sumps where an oil skimmer is going to be used, are generally either diaphragm pumps or progressive cavity pumps.

Transferring water to wastewater treatment systems that are utilising chemicals to treat the water, such as Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) or Baldwin RM-10, is generally less sensitive to pump type and any effect it may have on the water. Often these systems require higher flow rates and hence pumps may be air diaphragm, progressive cavity or centrifugal in operation.

Baldwin Industrial Systems have access to all pump styles and can supply them with the most appropriate motor style for the application.

Equipment and options available with pumps sourced from Baldwin Industrial Systems can include:

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