Belt & Tube Oil Skimmers

Belt and tube oil skimmer system

Belt and tube oil skimmers are effective oil water separators, efficiently removing surface oil from the top of the water. Depending on your particular application location, whether it is a large body of water or small pit, we have a range of superior Abanaki oil skimmers exclusively stocked by Baldwin Industrial Systems.

We stock two Abanaki belt oil skimmers, and we also offer custom-designed and fabricated stands and tanks to suit your workshop, site or specialised application.

Our product range varies in skimmer size and oil-removal capacity, from 4 litres per hour to 750 litres per hour, depending on the specific application. Our belt skimmers include the heavy duty Abanaki Model 8 Oil Grabber and the lightweight Abanaki Stainless Steel Mighty Mini, popular for use in machining plants and automotive garages. The Abanaki Oil Viper tube skimmer is compact and functions as a superior oil skimmer with up to a 100 foot tube mostly used in tanks and pits.

The Abanaki belt and tube oil skimmers are commonly used in a range of industries including automotive, mining, industrial workshops, food processing plants, environmental monitoring wells and wastewater and outdoor ponds and dams.

The advantages of using belt or tube skimmers vary from application to application, however these benefits apply across the board:

  • Can be used as an inexpensive oily water separator (there is no need to pay for a contractor to dispose of oily water) while extending coolant life through the removal of tramp oils.
  • Simplifies oil removal by preventing plugging of spray heads and filters in CNC machines.
  • Allows for skimmed oil to be recycled and reused as lubricant or fuel, saving money on disposal.
  • Easy mounting and fast cleaning, with minimal maintenance.
  • Multiple mounting options, including custom stands for easy installation.

We can also supply additional optional equipment to compliment Abanaki oil skimmers including:

  • Mounting stands (custom fabricated)
  • Waste oil tanks (custom fabricated)
  • Oil decanters or concentrators
  • Control panels
  • ExD motors for Zoned Areas
  • Pneumatic motors for zoned areas
  • Spare tubes and belts

For more information on oil skimmers and oily water separators, call us on 02 4954 0440 or download our Belt and Tube Oil Skimmers Brochure now.

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