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Coal Seam Gas (CSG) is a rapidly growing industry, that is critically important to Australia’s energy future. Extracting the gas from the coal fields is a proven technology, widely used and possessing known challenges.

One such challenge is how to manage or treat the wastewater streams arising from CSG production. The compressors used in production of the gas produce a wastewater that can be difficult to treat effectively. Baldwin Industrial Systems have a proven treatment approach for this compressor wastewater.

The compressor wastewater has very highly emulsified compressor oil tightly bound up within it. The old style physical separation methods will not break this emulsion, nor will the slightly newer hydrocyclone approach.

We have had great success in treating this difficult to treat wastewater.

Test Results:

The following table shows three independent laboratory test results on three samples. Two samples are from two CSG producers in Queensland and the other from a NSW CSG producer.





a)Total Oil and Grease 1800 15
a)Suspended Solids 1200 6
b)Total Oil and Grease 14100 <10
b)Suspended Solids 7080 14
New South Wales
Total Oil and Grease 480 <5


Treating the water has allowed these CSG companies to solve a multifaceted problem, as depending on the company and site this wastewater can be:

Expensive to have pumped out and taken away. One unit will save the CSG producer over $1,400,000 every year.
An environmental issue if sent untreated to dams or ponds on site.

However once treated it can be safely pumped to onsite ponds, dams or often used for applications such as dust suppression around the site.

To learn more about this successful application in the Coal Seam Gas Industry please do not hesitate to contact Baldwin Industrial Systems on (02) 4954 0440.