Oil Water Separator

Oil water separator

Baldwin Oil Water Separators

Oil Water Separators are enhanced gravity separators which are extremely effective at removing free oils and greases, as well as suspended solids from wastewater streams.

Being a straightforward technology, with no moving parts involved in the separation process, there is little that can go wrong with the treatment process – unlike other oil water separation technologies. The simplicity is derived from the natural phenomenon of – “oil and water do not mix”.

Our white paper on, “The Theory behind Coalescing Plate Separators”, explains the details behind their operation. The executive summary is that a law of physics is the basis behind Coalescing Plate Separators successful operation for the last few decades, in applications such as mining workshops, mining wash bays, petroleum refineries, service stations, petroleum depots, power stations, oil & gas stormwater treatment, tank farms, bund water treatment, railway workshops, railway wash bays and mechanical workshops.

Oil Water Separators can be either above ground tanks or in-ground pits depending on the best solution for the customers’ site. They are a scalable treatment system that can be as large as the water flow rate and effluent discharge quality demand. Baldwin can supply oil water separators for flow rates from 1,000 litres per hour to over 500,000 litres per hour. The discharge quality depends on a number of factors and can be designed to meet sewer admission limits or stormwater limits – depending on the specific situation on site.

Industrial oil water seperator

Equipment and options available with Baldwin Oil Water Separators can include:

  • Feed pumps
  • Control panels – from Form 1 to Form 3B MCC
  • Floating Suction Skimmers and Strainers
  • Polishing media
  • Skid mounting
  • Pre-plumbed – stainless steel or pressure PVC
  • Pre-cabled
  • Factory Acceptance Tested
  • Waste Oil Tanks
  • Access Platforms

If you require more information on oil water separators, please contact us today and speak with one of our specialists.