Belt & Tube Oil Skimmers

Belt and tube oil skimmer systemBaldwin Industrial Systems are the exclusive Australian distributor for Abanaki Oil Skimmers. Abanaki are a specialist oil skimmer company who have been supplying oil removal solutions for well over 40 years.

Abanaki have a range of products that are either continuous belt skimmers or tube skimmers. The oil removal rate of Abanaki skimmers varies from 4 litres per hour up to 750 litres per hour. They have small portable units suited for coolant tanks and small cleaning baths, up to larger, more robust units that are used on mine sites and industrial applications.

Potential applications for a belt or tube skimmer may include – drainage pits in factories, parts washers, workshop sumps, equipment wash bay sumps, monitoring wells, outdoor ponds and lakes.

A belt or tube skimmer will work wherever there is a free oil layer on the surface of water. They can be used in conjunction with a Coalescing Plate Separator to provide efficient oily water treatment.

Abanaki also have a range of products that are specially designed to maximise the life of coolant in machining operations. Please contact us for information on this specialist range of products.

Equipment and options available with Abanaki Oil Skimmers from Baldwin Industrial Systems can include:

Abanaki oil skimmer