Floating Oil Skimmers & Decanters

Floating oil skimmers and decanters for wastewater treatmentBaldwin Industrial Systems are the exclusive Australian distributor for SkimPak Floating Oil Skimmers and Decanters. The SkimPak Floating Oil Skimmers use a patented flow control weir to determine the depth of cut that is skimmed. This makes them a very efficient skimmer for removing any floating contaminants, as well as an effective floating suction for feeding a Coalescing Plate Separator.

SkimPak floating skimmers are available in flow rates from 1,000 litres per hour up to 600,000 litres per hour. Materials of construction include Stainless Steel, Marine grade aluminium and ABS Plastic.

SkimPak Decanters are floating decanters for the removal of supernatant in Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR), flocculant tanks and other water treatment applications. Flow rates for the SkimPak Decanters range from 84,000 litres per hour up to 670,000 litres per hour. Multiple heads can be used to achieve higher flow rates.


Equipment and options available with SkimPak Skimmers and Decanters from Baldwin Industrial Systems can include:

  • Mounting rails and stands
  • Stainless Steel Swing arms for both skimmers and decanters
  • Hose floats
  • Actuated Valves
  • Pumps

Custom built oil skimmers and decanters