Filtration & Polishing Media

Filtration of wastewater streams can be an early step in the process, a requirement part way through the treatment process or one of the last steps in achieving water quality that meets the customer requirements.

Filtration can therefore mean a coarse screen, a sieve bend screen, a bag filter, a cartridge filter, low pressure media filtration or higher pressure multimedia filtration. Baldwin have utilised all of these methods to achieve desired outcomes of water quality. A filtration system can be a stand-alone item or a skid mounted component with waste water treatment equipment.

Polishing media, as the name suggests, act to improve the water quality at the last stage of the treatment process. Polishing can be targeted to remove fine suspended solids or to remove trace amount of contaminants that the earlier treatment steps are not designed to remove. With tightening regulatory requirements it is becoming more important to be able to reduce hydrocarbon levels in particular to very low levels. Baldwin have available a number of options to address customer water polishing needs – including hydrocarbon specific media, activated carbon and multimedia filter housings.

Wastewater filtration and polishing systemsFiltration and polishing media for wastewater